At Little Sahaabah, we seek to revive the values of the Sahaabah in our little ones. Our character building program is open to all children, of all race and religion. As life is a journey, we aim to introduce productivity, integrity and nobility into our children.

Our 6-Point Programme develops:

– Character & Self-Respect,

– Spirituality,

– Home & Outdoor Skills,

– PsychoSocial Awareness,

– Economic & Financial Understanding.

– Community Service & Philanthropy.

This is explored during the Integrated Program. They will learn

  • Self-care – Be the Best They Can
  • Duty To God – Spiritual Responsibilities and Mindfulness
  • Model The Prophet & Companions – Character & Interpersonal Relationships
  • Serve the Family – Household Chores & Skills, Economy & Financial Understanding
  • Contribute to the Country – Academic Excellence, Occupational Training, Understanding Harmony and Laws.
  • Help the Ummah – Community Service, Ecology & Philanthropic Responsibilities