Our Story

Little Sahaabah was inspired by the lives of the Companions of the Prophet.

The program aims to help children model after the Sahaabah, who came from all walks of life, who became effective contributors to the society.

We know that children require more than academic excellence and religious studies to live harmoniously and be active contributors to the community.

We anticipate that spirituality needs to be groomed by inspiring nobility and poise; by enthusing practical moral and civic duties; along with responsible role models, guiding principles, purpose and directions.

The Little Sahaabah - After-School Adventure Club program has been developing behind the scenes, studying and researching psychological processes to enhance children's character and development.

We hope that our philosophy will ease our mission, to achieve our vision, for our children and the future generations.

Meet the Team

Our Hijrah team is made up of Passionate, Gregarious, Graceful, Compassionate, Hard-working, Quality-loving individuals, who make work feels like an adventure.

Nor Hamiza Abd Wahab

Managing Director

A lady who loves studying and values opportunities to build meaningful relationships.

Noraini Abdul Wahab


A harmony- loving, adventure-seeking lady who loves seeing people succeed.

Nurul Aqilah Zakaria

General Manager

A peace-loving Martial Arts & Sports Enthusiast, whose special traits include patience, kindness and perseverance

Next Steps...

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Or email to team@hijrah.co