The Little Sahaabah program was crafted by Sister Noraini Abdul Hamid in 2014. She had been an enthusiastic curriculum developer, who crafted children’s enrichment and lap-booking programs for Aspire Institute.

She developed the Little Sahaabah program to occupy her 3 primary school-going children, with meaningful activities after they return from school. This after-school program was later adopted by Aspire Institute under a program called, After-School Tahfiz.

When Aspire Institute decided to focus on building their other programs, the After-School Tahfiz was renamed Little Sahaabah After-School Adventure Club. The program is now fully run by the management team of Hijrah Pte Ltd.

Sister Noraini Abdul Hamid, is currently a Professional Counsellor in a clinical mental health practice, and remains as a mentor and advisor to Hijrah Pte Ltd.