‘Ummi’ Jannah

Lady of the East

Her gentle manner mesmerises our children in the Eastern Hall of Tampines. The lady, the children refers to as ‘Ummi’ is Ustazah Nur Jannah Kamal, 25

“As a teacher of Hijrah’s Little Sahaabah Adventure Club, not only do I teach children, I also get to learn as I teach. The curriculum we teach encompasses the Harmonious values that Islam teaches. It makes me revise the knowledge that I have studied and think of creative ways to simplify and help them apply it to daily life instead of just regurgitating it.. These are lessons that are not only taught to children but also a revision for all of us regardless of age.

I have grown attached to both students and parents and come to realise that family is not only the ties I have at home but also the people I am surrounded with at work on a daily basis.

Being able to work with parents and understanding each and every one of my students’ backgrounds, learning their needs and wants, makes me feel happy to nurture them, so they grow up to become what Hijrah created this program for; to be like one of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.:

to be a little sahaabah (companion).

All in all, being in Hijrah, I believe that even the slightest thing we do around the children can have an impact on our little sahaabah. We are the children’s drive to learn more about Allah swt and our Prophets. I am happy to be part of their growth. “