“Khrū” Aqilah

Light of the East

Our Eastern centre in Tampines, fills with positive energy and light. Our General Manager Ms Nurul Aqilah Binte Zakaria is a martial arts enthusiast – where balance, ecology and discipline are core values.

“I was working in corporate organisations and had different set of priorities; to meet monthly quota, make sales and meet deadlines on a daily. This vicious, almost jaded cycle did not click with me. I decided that, I would like to be a part of an organisation that give back to the community then develop a career out of it. I wanted a job that would propel me into becoming a good person and a better Muslim.

Then, I found Hijrah.co and was recruited as part of the management team. Hijrah means migration. How apt that I am on a spiritual journey myself, it seems to me as a calling.

I joined Hijrah when it was newly set up, now, in its developmental stages. Within this period of time, we were tested with different set of challenges that I am blown away with our energy and mental strength to push through, sometimes.

I am constantly amazed with,

1. The team’s positive energy

2. The team’s drive and yaqeen in always believing there are rainbows at the end of every tornado

3. The team’s ability to put Allah in the centre of it all

4. The team’s commitment in trying to ensure that the teachers, children, parents and everyone we work with is happy

It is the sheer fulfilment and job satisfaction that I feel every day.

Being part of a small team also means that your role is constantly morphing and every day is different. There are no paper pushers, no ‘cogs in the wheel’ and everything you do is integral to the humble business.

Working for a social enterprise like Hijrah opens the possibility of fulfilling opportunities that many yet to realise exists. I believe Hijrah can be the driving force towards a future where sustainability and ethics are at the core of every trade of work.

My daily mantra;

Muster up courage

Get into gear

Enjoy the journey

In Syaa Allah!”